Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

There is no doubt that this COVID-19 is a pandemic that is having repercussions across the planet. But the worst pandemic right now is fear, spreading faster than the virus itself. Rather than freeze with fear, use this time as an opportunity for some extra self-care. I have written some simple recommendations on how to boost your immunity. While this doesn’t guarantee anything, it will greatly help you fight off infection.

First of all, take a deep breath.

Relax. Stress is not good for you because it increases the cortisol hormone in your brain, which can lower your immune system and cause all sorts of problems. Through controlling your breathing, you can control your mind. Practice Pranayamas (breathwork). The Svana Pranayama ('panting breath) is a powerful technique for boosting immunity. Watch the video below for a guided practice of this technique:

Stay healthy.

Here is a list of easy steps you can take right now to stay healthy: