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Paramjit Pam Anand is accredited to run profile debrief sessions with individuals and teams.


Talent Dynamics is the number one business development pathway that focuses on team dynamics at the core of business development.


Roger Hamilton

Founder, Talent Dynamics

At our heart is the belief that everyone has a fundamental right to experience trust and flow and that this happens first on an individual level then in a team. Every person has something of value they bring to the team, a strength or a talent. This needs to be harnessed and encouraged to bring value, productivity and increase the level of trust.

Paramjit is a passionate life coach that works with individuals as well as teams. 

Individual Profile Test

Do you know your calling? To work efficiently in a team you need to first understand your own strengths, weaknesses, mindset and desires. 

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When you are in flow life begins to glow, you will grow and reap financial abundance.

During a one to one session, Paramjit will ask you selected questions while creating a safe space for you to open up and dive deeper within. She will support and encourage you to take a good look at your life and your career. Her intuitive and skilled approach will help you uncover your true talents and strengths, make you change the way you look at things and put you on the right path towards a for filling career you will love.

Team Dynamics

Are you maximising the talent in your organisation?

Are you showing your appreciation for the inherent talent in your team?

Are your people expected to be a ‘Jack of all Trades’ resulting in being ‘Masters of None’?

Team dynamics is one of the overlooked parts of a business. Yet it affects so much of a how a business operates, from the individual in the team to the company as a collection of teams, to the entire marketplace.

Imagine a team that worked well together, could anticipate each other and could back each other up. A team fully 'in flow'. What economic impact would that have on your business or organisation?

When we know how to create FLOW and stay in FLOW we see significant improvements in:

Energy & Fun

Job Satisfaction







If a team is out of sync or out of flow, things happen slowly or at worst not at all, accuracy levels decrease, absence increases, motivation is lacking and an unhealthy degree of competitiveness enters the workplace. As a result, team members fail to trust one another.

The Talent Dynamics profile test provides YOU and your TEAM with this insight.

The 8 Talent Dynamics Profiles

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The Talent Dynamics profiles are the gate way to a more productive state called ‘flow’. Flow can be thought of as the path of least resistance, where you add the most value and get the most done. Each of the Talent Dynamics profiles has its own strengths and challenges. When working by yourself there is little you can do except understand why certain tasks and roles drain you, while other jobs excite and energise you.

Yet no one truly works alone. Everyone has a group or team of partners, clients and suppliers. It is in the team where the Talent Dynamics profiles become extremely useful to help a team to gel together and spot potential opportunities to work better. As each of the Talent Dynamics profiles has its own strengths and challenges, they can be used together in a team setting to cover potentially challenging tasks and ensure that each team member gets into and stays in flow.


Creators are the best initiators, and although they can be quick to create chaos, they can also be surprisingly innovative at finding ways out of chaos. Always put them in charge of new projects, but move them on to the next creation once their job is done.


Stars are the best promoters, but need to lead from the front. Give them the chance to shine, and give them the space to deliver results without tying them down. Give them the systems and support to enable them to focus on building new business.


Supporters are the best leaders, but don’t expect them to come up with the plan. Build a plan and set the goals with a Supporter, and then let them lead the team towards the plan. Let them set their own management style, and their own agenda.

Deal Maker

Deal Makers are the best peacemakers, and will leave everyone feeling good. Don’t expect them to go out cold calling, as they thrive on building the relationships they have. Work with Deal Makers to nurture the customer and relationships you have.


Traders are your best negotiators. They will always get you the best price, in both what you buy and what you sell. They want to be given the parameters in which to work. Traders will have their ear to the ground in your market and your team.


Accumulators are your best ambassadors. They are reliable, get things done on time, and are not prone to making rash decisions. Accumulators make the best project managers, when a specific task needs to be delivered reliably.


Lords are your best analysts. Give them the space to study the detail, and to deliver the data. Don’t ask them to go out and network, as they are strongest when focused behind the scenes.


Mechanics are your best completers. They will wrap up the process and find smart ways to do it better next time. Don’t ask a mechanic to start from scratch, but do give them an existing process or product to improve on.

Click each profile to read more about it.

The results are highly motivated and effective individuals and teams who have absolute clarity on the unique value they bring to the workplace and to life. They can instantly see where to focus their time and energy to be in Flow and the results to date have been phenomenal.