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The Full Seven was created in 2014 after Paramjit had been on her own soul healing and transformational journey for a few years.  She recognised the deepest desire to release herself from a life style that was no longer serving her, deep rooted trauma that was acting as a barrier preventing her expressing her true essence.  Anger and addictions were prominent forces in her life and the effects left her soul yearning for freedom.  She embarked on her spiritual journey that introduced the healing of her own 7 chakras. She recognised that once these are truly cleansed you can then go beyond the full 7 and this impacts all aspects of your life.

When you begin your journey and cleanse the energy channels, your are allowing the Divine to flow through you and out of you.  


The process starts with the chakras however it goes way beyond them.  It allows the  Divine energy to rise within and this then allow us to create and manifest what we desire in life.  You become awakened because of the deep cleaning and Divine energy that flows through you.  

These profound experiences supported the decision to renounce her own life and dedicate her soul purpose to creating the Full Seven.


Incorporating all the tools, teachings and trainings experienced over 2 decades led her on a journey all over the world, from the devotional teachings of the Late Holiness Baba Hardev Singh (Nirankari Babaji), meeting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, to spiritual healing and training with renowned Master; Dr Zhi Gang Sha and learning the true meaning of the 8 limbs of yoga with Yogi Manmoyanand.


Finally her pilgramage led her to Guruji’ Dev Baba in 2009.  She was initiated in 2012 as his first International Ancient Himalayan Kundalini Kriya teacher and trainer.

Guruji Dev Baba 

Through the practise, teaching and techniques shared within The Full Seven, self awareness is heightened which creates inner peace, strengthens your will power and allows the heart to truly open.  You will witness your Divine connection and the power to manifest what you deeply desire with courage strength and determination.  Fear and doubt are released and replaced with the ability to truly trust and have faith, breaking through the limitations that have firmly been in place.  The practises you learn becomes a way of life, as you learn to live more consciously.  


The Full Seven will guide you to cultivate faith, not just in your self but the Divine.  We all have the power to heal ourselves, and  Paramjit will assist you to become your own healer and Guru through the introduction of rituals and practices (kriyas) that have a significant affect. These daily rituals and practices becomes your Sadhana, like brushing your teeth and when you do these daily practices you create the ability to have a Satvic (pure) way of living.


Inner cleaning creates outer cleaning - it is a rippling effect, like a wave what goes out and returns back.  This cultivates a harmonious life for yourself and others.  When you commit to this path, you commit to cleansing the blockages that shadow your soul.  When you remove the shadow veil, you shine brighter - through your eyes your skin, your smile and your soul.


Paramjit’s mission is to help people release their traumas / blockages / karmic debt so they too can shine in their full seven and go beyond.

Is the Full Seven for me?

  • Are you presently feeling depressed, stressed, tired, resentful, lonely, un-trusting, worried, confused, or blocked?

  • Are you susceptible to anger, jealousy, anxiety, fear, insomnia, illness or lack of faith? 

  • Do you feel powerless in your work and/or your love life? 

  • When you do enter into a relationship, do you sometimes find yourself behaving in ways which drives away your partner? 

  • Do you feel forever stuck in “the poor me” or ‘self sabotage syndrome?

If you have answered yes to any (or all!) of the above, then YES, the Full Seven is exactly what you need  to get you back on track to living the life destined for you; a balanced, healthy, peaceful life. 


There is a reason you are here on this website reading these very words, this is not a coincidence, This is a fateful encounter. 

Soon after working with me, you will find yourself feeling happier, lighter, focused, energized, positive, calm, grateful, loved, loving, peaceful - and so much more." - Paramjit


Some of the benefits of living in your Full Seven:


  • Your 7 chakras will be balanced bringing you your highest level of energy, vitality, happiness, peace, love, clarity, success, good health, joy and freedom.

  • Your internal balance will reflect on your external personality.

  • People will become more magnetically drawn to you.

  • You will be overflowing with positive feelings and able to clearly and confidently see the path through pain and obstacles.

  • Your psychic body will be in balance – and thereby challenges in life will become easier to deal with.

  • You will bring clarity to whatever fears might come up – and thereby replace stress with confidence and courage.


There is no time like the present to make the change your truly searching for. We can begin with a free 30 minute discovery call to see how I, and The Full Seven can be of assistance.


The Full Seven Philosophy

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