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My journey has been one of profound growth, healing, and learning as a yoga teacher, healer, and spiritual guide.


In my practice, I've discovered the remarkable power within, developing strength, willpower, deep intuition and spiritual abilities. I embody both resilience and compassion, guiding others towards self-discovery, transformation and inner harmony.


Specialising in the Full Seven System, I tap into the seven chakras to awaken Divine Kundalini energy. Through this innovative approach, individuals heal, grow, and unlock their own personal power.

Pam standing with arms lifted in praise, taking in the breathtaking scenery of Galicia.
The search for something more...

My next chapter took me soaring through the skies as a flight attendant, exploring the world and encountering diverse cultures. Yet, amidst the adventure, a persistent inner voice questioned the meaning of it all. There had to be more to life than what met the eye.


The quest for identity, the mysteries of existence, the afterlife, and the unseen connections with our loved ones—these questions consumed me, especially after the loss of my father. I felt his presence, engaging in what seemed like full-fledged conversations, seeking his guidance and protection.


As I delved deeper into spirituality, I found solace and direction with Brahma Kumaris. This marked the beginning of my lifelong journey of spiritual awakening.

Over the years, I became a relentless seeker, driven by an insatiable curiosity to unravel the truths within.

Healing though teaching...

In 2003, my journey took a pivotal turn when I completed the Sivananda Yoga teacher training—an experience that marked a profound shift in my path.


Almost immediately after qualifying, I was entrusted with the guidance of 40 new students, igniting my passion for teaching. Eager to deepen my knowledge and enrich my spiritual journey, I embarked on a transformative voyage to India, where I immersed myself in its rich spiritual heritage for 15 years.


Along the way, I had the privilege of meeting numerous spiritual Gurus and Masters, also studying with Dr Zhi Gang Sha and The Institute of Soul Healing for 5 years, but it was my beloved Guruji Devdas Rao who profoundly touched my heart and soul from our first encounter, being blessed to receive Guru Diksha and the awakening of my Divine Kundalini Shakti, the sacred Goddess Energy within, which changed my life forever.


My spiritual journey took its biggest leap and for the next 15 years I studied under Guruji's guidance, absorbing invaluable wisdom that continues to shape my life and practice. Today, I meditate with him every week online. I am honoured to carry forward the lineage of the Ancient Himalayan Kundalini Kriya and his teachings.

A divine revelation led me to Galicia in Spain, a place of miraculous beginnings...

While immersed in meditation, I received profound guidance that I would have a son, relocate and call Galicia my home. Despite being in my late 40s, I questioned the possibility, only to witness the miracle unfold within four months. Alongside this blessing, I discovered an enchanting Finca in As Eiras, instantly recognising it as a gift from the universe.

With patience, determination, and unconditional support from my family, this haven became our cherished home and the birthplace of Shakti Rio Miño—a retreat center paying homage to the divine feminine power by the river.


Here, amidst the tranquil surroundings, I found a profound sense of belonging, nurturing both my personal journey and the holistic wellness retreats and workshops I offer, enriching your spiritual journey, and reconnecting with your true essence. Furthermore, I extend an open invitation to transformational leaders from around the globe to experience the unparalleled beauty, tranquility, and serenity of Shakti Rio Miño as they lead their own transformative retreats.

Facing adversity in my early years...

As a child, I found solace in solitude, spending hours lost in my thoughts or racing around on my BMX bike.

Raised by traditional Punjabi parents, life was regimented, filled with strict rules and endless homework from a young age.

Tragedy struck twice when, at 14, my father suddenly died and I choose to become the pillar of support for my family.

Shortly after, I shockingly faced physical abuse from my youngest uncle who I loved like an older brother. It changed who I was, the young girl no more, burying pain and anger which ignited within me a fierce courage and unwavering fearlessness.


At 18, I fled to Tenerife to escape another attempt of abuse from my uncle again. What began as a holiday turned into a three-year journey of self-discovery. Amidst sun-soaked days and pulsating nightlife, I embraced freedom, always vigilant but relishing the moment.



Stunning property Shakti Rio Miño in Galicia surrounded by breathtaking nature.
Pam Anand, kneeling, receives a blessing from her guruji Dev Baba at his Ashram in India.
Pam Anand enjoying her birthday party with cake and loved ones
Pam Anand enjoying a picnic with her baby boy on a cozy blanket.
Pam Anand dressed in her air hostess uniform, surrounded by her crew members
Marvel at the stunning property Shakti Rio Miño, spread over 5,000sqm of natural beauty.
Shakti Rio Miño's lovely pool, framed by the picturesque Portuguese Mountains.

" What you'll experience transcends the pages of any book. I embody the very essence of what I teach, weaving together a tapestry of personal experiences, specialised training, and profound transformations. Join me on this journey to discover the transformative power that lies within you. "


If you are seeking some guidance on what path to take first, I offer a free 15 minute clarity call.  Feel free to book a slot that suits you best through my calendar:

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