Paramjit Pam Anand

International wellness coach, spiritual healer, yoga and kriya teacher

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi

Paramjit Pam Anand, Wellness Guru & Founder - The Full Seven

The practices that Paramjit teaches cannot be found in books

An International wellness coach and spiritual teacher,  Paramjit has over two decades wealth of experience in inspiring people to live their best life.  


Her holistic The Full Seven approach, creates powerful healing, removes blockages and allows transformation resulting in a conscious life filled with harmony, love and peace. 


Internationally she hosts workshops, classes and retreats on all limbs of yoga, kriya, mantras, meditation, healing and personal development.


Despite a successful career in the corporate world, Paramjit felt an emptiness inside that could not be fulfilled by materialistic gains. It was a growing desire to live a more authentic life where she would be able to serve and help others. When she finally found the courage to quit her job, she traveled to India looking for answers. 


It was a journey that ended up taking her all over the world - from the devotional teachings of the Late Holiness Baba Hardev Singh (Nirankari Babaji), meeting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, to spiritual healing and training with renowned Master & Dr Zhi Gang Sha and to experiencing the true meaning of the 8 limbs of yoga with Yogi Manmoyanand. 


After a life-changing spiritual initiation by her guruji Dev Baba at Shri Shaktidarshan Yogashram, she experienced her kundalini energy awaken. It was here that she learnt the practice of meditation, Ancient Himalayan Kriya Yoga and Kundalini Beeja Mantras. She has been his devoted disciple for over 10 years.


Paramjit’s gift of Divine intuition coupled with years of dedicated personal sadhana in ancient Indian and Chinese wisdom led her to create her unique The Full Seven Philosophy to help others transform their lives by overcoming all that does not serve them - traumas, karma, negativity, depression and much more. She loves working with individuals and small groups where she can give them personal attention for a more powerful, transformative and life changing experience. She has also conducted corporate teaching sessions with groups as big as 200 people which she loves.