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Heal your mind, body and soul and the rest of your life will flourish

Are you living in harmony with yourself? Life is full of challenges and hardships. When we have a negative experience many times we suppress it and feel that if we do not think or talk about it, it’s like it did not happen. But just like any physical wound that is not treated properly, this emotional wound will start to fester and affect other aspects of your life - your physical and emotional wellbeing. It is only by going back and examining the wound that you can truly begin to heal and start leading your best life.


Paramjit is a certified Divine Master Soul Healer & Teacher. She studied with renowned Chinese Master & Dr Zhi Gang Sha at the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment™ . She has been using her gift of divine intuition and direct flow to help and heal others for over 10 years through one-on-one healing session in person, via telephone or skype. Her vast experiences and own personal sadhana (spiritual practice) has opened her up to be a channel to receive direct knowing.


Each and every individual is unique. Through simple techniques, powerful teachings and with the help of angels, spirit guides, crystal healing, her divine intuition and guidance from a higher consciousness, Paramjit  helps others overcome traumas, connect with their emotions, clear their karma, balance their chakras and heal their soul, heart, mind and bodies.

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Chakra Balancing Healing

This healing practice focuses on the 7 main Chakras - the energy centres of the body which run from the base of the spinal column to the top of your head. When your chakras are unbalanced or blocked you get the feeling that something is ‘off’, you get sick quite often, may feel tired, or you feel things are falling apart. Through her wisdom, knowledge and intuition, Paramjit can identify which chakras are unbalanced and begin healing and charging them through chakra meditation, yoga, affirmations, breath work, chanting and healing crystals.

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Soul Healing

“Heal the Soul first and the mind and body will follow” -  Zhi Gang Sha

Paramjit uses Mind, Body, Sound, Breath and Soul Power to heal and shift the energy blockages and Karma which created disease or sickness. This powerful Five Power Techniques®  heals and transforms your life.

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Intuitive Healing

Paramjit receives intuitive downloads that guide her to uncover the hidden physical, mental, emotional or spiritual elements that are unbalanced in an individual. As a Divine Channel she connects and hears your Souls voice to removes blocked emotions, limiting beliefs, and negative energy.

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Forgiveness Practice

Pent up anger and resentment slowly eats away at our soul. If we can’t forgive and ask for forgiveness, we can’t develop self-love, awareness, harmony, joy, and peace. Paramjit will guide you through a powerful forgiveness practice that will help you let go of old wounds by forgiving others, being forgiven, and forgiving yourself.

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Soul Operation (Karma Clearing Healing)

What goes around comes around - this is the basic principle of karma. This negative energy accumulated over past lifetimes create present-day suffering. Through a unique Divine transmission, psychic surgery, visualisation and meditation techniques, Paramjit helps you to remove the karmic debt allowing for extraordinary healing.

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Energy Healing

Energy healing focuses on prana - the life force that flows through us. It restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and soul. By breaking through energy blocks, the body’s ability to heal itself is restored.

The Power of Healing

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