" In 2009 I had my first experience on a 5 day residential camp with my beloved Guruji at the ashram in India. I had only planned to stay a couple of days. It was my first visit to the Ashram. Guruji came to talk to me personally and invited me to stay for this advance training. For over 8 hours a day we chanted the 4 beeja Ancient Himalayan mantras. My Guruji told me he had never shared these mantras before 2008. It was during that year, in a meditation that his Guru told him the time was now to teach this method of cleansing the chakras – and that it should be saved only for advanced disciples.The experience was both profound and surreal. For the first time after studying about the chakras I finally felt them with in my body. I experienced my Kundalini awakening and rising up my Sushmana nadi. I felt a piercing through my vishuddhi granti - which is a gland between the solar plexus and the heart chakra.


There was no mistake. I was at this ashram for this retreat for an important reason. My Guruji told me later that he knew it was the right time for my soul advancement. He was my SADGURU (true teacher). He gave me a life-changing Diksha (Initiation) to guide and support the awakening of my kundalini.


I felt transformed after these five days. I was excited to continue my practice. I had the urge to detox my physical body too. As synchronicity would have it, there was an Ayurveda doctor on the training. He invited me to his retreat for a ten day detox.I chanted daily and did hours of mediation and early morning yoga. My intake of food was minimal. I had daily massage and mud baths. I felt like a new woman. I glowed in and out. I felt I had discovered a true calling." - Paramjit


Paramjit loves helping clients to practice Beeja mantra chanting and meditation. The chakras create such strong vibrations that your electrons begin to move incredibly fast. It’s a powerful method to remove all the dirt in the subconscious mind – and cleanse your karmas thoroughly. I often find myself describing this practice as working like a washing machine on spin - squeezing out all the unwanted dirt.


Afterwards, you truly become peaceful and radiant. Others will enjoy the love that flows openly from you, as your chakras are cleansed and the Kundalini is rising. In fact, if you’re particularly interested in your Kundalini energy rising, then chanting is the easiest route.


From the root chakra to the crown there are 3 glands known as ‘Granti’ (bridge) in the subtle body. The Kundalini energy which lays dormant at the base of the spine in the root chakra awakens and spirals on an upward journey through the sushumna Nadi (the spinal cord) towards to crown chakra where cosmic consciousness is achieved.

Ancient Himalayan 4 Beej Mantras

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