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From Spiritual Teacher to Motherhood: A Journey of Surrender and Miracles

Goa was my home and for over 15 years where I learnt, taught and experienced the magic of Spirituality.  As I explored Mother India I was blessed to meet many spiritual Masters and Guru’s who encouraged my belief and faith that Yoga wasn’t just an exercise it is a way of life.  

As a passionate teacher of yoga and spiritual practitioner for over 20 years, my path had been one of deep introspection and unwavering devotion. Yet, amidst the beauty of India, the universe had plans beyond what I could have ever imagined. I embarked on a journey that would redefine the boundaries of possibility and lead me to the most profound miracle of all—Motherhood.

As the world was facing the Covid pandemic in 2020, I was blessed to spend  four transformative months at my Retreat in Goa, I immersed myself in the sacred practices of yoga, Ancient Himalayan Kriya, chanting and meditation—the very disciplines I had spent years teaching and refining. Each day dawned with the promise of spiritual growth and inner exploration, as I delved ever deeper into the mysteries of the self and universe. 

During this time of profound transformation, unexpected companions joined me on my journey—a young videographer seeking solace from the uncertain times, an extraordinary couple whose shared vision breathed life into my deepest aspirations and my dear PA. Together we built bonds of kinship and creativity, crafting a chakra healing course that had long gestated within my heart.

It was amidst the tranquility of my retreat space that the whispers of divine guidance grew louder, gently nudging me towards a path I had never dared to tread. In the depths of meditation, amidst the stillness of my soul, I felt a stirring, a quiet knowing that the universe had something extraordinary in store. 

Fortunately during the Pandemic I was able to fly to the UK to be with my Mother and sister and that’s  when the whispers of possibility began to take shape, as my Mother with her boundless love and intuition, planted the seed of motherhood in my heart. With her blessing I found the strength to confront any doubts and fears, and to embrace the journey that lay ahead with an open heart and undoubtable trust.

Days later in the quietude of my daily meditation, amidst the sacred stillness where ancient mantras lingered in the air, the divine spoke to me. Galicia will be your new home , a name unfamiliar, yet resonant with destiny, spoke into the depths of my consciousness. With an inner trust, I embraced the call of the unknown, guided solely by the gentle prompting of the divine presence within. 

I took action and found myself in Galicia within weeks of the download and it was the start of the newest chapter of my life. Here, amidst the lush landscapes and the azure skies, I found not just a home, but a sanctuary for my soul. And with the arrival of my son, Eliazar, I bore witness to the miracle of life unfolding before my very eyes—a testament to the power of faith, determination, and belief in the infinite possibilities that lie within.

My journey to motherhood was not just a stroke of luck, but a testament to the transformative power of yoga, meditation, and spiritual sadhana. Through hours of dedicated practice, I unearthed the reservoirs of strength and resilience that lay dormant within me, creating miracles. Now, as I stand on the precipice of a new chapter, I am filled with a sense of purpose—a calling to share the wisdom, knowledge, and practices that guided me on this extraordinary path.

Through retreats focused on mind, body, and soul preparation for pregnancy, and a comprehensive coaching program spanning twelve months, I extend my hand to those who dare to dream—to those who, like me, believe that miracles are not just figments of imagination, but the very fabric of our existence.

I look forward to being your Coach on this journey of Motherhood. 


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