The Retreats 

The Full Seven offer various types of retreats, both at Riverside Shakti Retreat and other 

locations globally to activate Spiritual Awakening and create magic :)

My transformational retreats are designed specially to help you shift negative beliefs, heal childhood wounds, transform karma and clear blockages in your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body. 

We hold so much of our past including previous lifetimes in our physic body, weighing us down, creating confusion, depression, unanswered questions, sickness, stress and more.

It’s time to truly let go, to spiritually awaken, dive deep within, consciously explore, shift and heal on a deeper level, surrendering all that does not serve you or is holding you back from serving others.

My retreats rebalance the body and mind, and connect you to your soul to hear its voice guiding you on an inward journey of transformation, bringing you the clarity, joy, perspective and freedom to fully become who you were born to be, achieving your true heart’s desires and living your purpose.

My aim is to guide you, empower you and inspire you to follow your soul’s calling, transforming and transcending to the best version of yourself. 

Meet Prithima!

She has been the cleaner and cook for The Riverside Shakti Retreat for a few years now, and is dedicated and passionate about cooking and the cleanliness of the Space. We aim to provide the best nutrition adapted to the type of retreat you are interested in taking part, and a clean and comfortable living space for you to unwind and relax.

A typical retreat day begins with hot lemon or herbal tea with fruits followed by a morning workshop which includes guided meditations, an uplifting, energising yoga session, a cleansing kriya, pranayama, chanting and relaxing savasana. 

A delicious brunch is then served of local fruits, fresh juices or superfood smoothies, muesli, yogurt, eggs cooked the way you like them and local treats. 

The afternoons are for you to enjoy at your leisure, relaxing at the retreat or the pristine beach in Ashvem / Mandrem.

A visit to a temple, local markets or a therapeutic massage can be arranged. 

Sunset mindfulness meditation or yoga nidra to help you integrate and rejuvenate.

During your stay a coaching or healing session is included and if you wish to have additional sessions I am available every afternoon to serve you. 

In the evenings we will spend alternate nights at the Retreat, eating delicious home-cooked local vegetarian dishes and the other evenings we will venture out and experience some of the wonderful restaurants with the choices of dishes from around the world.

These Retreats give you the opportunity to experience my workshops each morning followed by a delicious brunch and then the choice to have free time to your self at the Retreat or exploring the local areas.

If you are a beach lover then daily transport to the beach is provided. 

Evenings will be spent both at the Retreat enjoying delicious home cooked asian vegetarian meals or we will eat out at a restaurants.

Goa has lots of music, poetry, art, dance and festivals happening throughout the season and I will keep you updated with events during your stay. 


  • Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is like psychic sleep, as your conscious mind rests and listens to my voice, it cleanses your subconscious mind and body. You feel rejuvenated and energised as if you have had four hours sleep from this 25 minute guided healing Yoga Nidra meditation 


  • Practice an Ancient Himalayan Kriya Yoga and experience the vast Shunya (Emptiness within)

This unique sacred practice brings you to the one pointed concentration of your breath and the space between the breath developing your awareness ability so you can concentrate on what you choose that brings benefit and positivity rather than the mind wondering towards negativity. 

The Kriya is a deep cleansing and purifying practice for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.


  • Learn Beej Mantra chanting for each of your chakras, a truly cleansing and karma releasing experience

Your voice is the sound of your soul, its how your body vibrates and its your unique sound. Your voice heals you as you repeat the beej mantras, as you chant with your full focus and awareness on the specific chakra it will begin to vibrate resulting in a deep cleanse, recharge and balance of the chakra system.


  • Forgiveness practices to heal your present and past.

A guided meditation to surrender and let go the burden, the weight we carry around for years or even lifetimes by not forgiving. This powerful karma clearing practice connects you on a soul level to forgive, ask for forgiveness and forgiving your self resulting in inner peace, joy and freedom.

  • Private sessions with Paramjit, Coaching / Healing (donation applies)

As an intuitive coach and healer I meditate on each individual connecting to your soul and its calling. Channelling from a higher source and I am guided to move energy and release blockages. I share channelled guidance and messages to clear away pain, doubts, fear, negativity and stuck energy resulting in clarity, vision, motivation, self worth, inner peace and joy. 

* Beach Yoga – sunrise or sunset (optional).


* Educational movie nights & Satsang with Pam (optional).


* Daily complimentary transport to the beach & restaurants.


* Continental Breakfast everyday and some vegetarian evening meals.


* Organising of any excursions/taxi’s/mopeds/beach trips/market visits/restaurant bookings/ general advice & care (taxi charges apply).

Yoga Holidays in Goa

The Full Seven is a holistic approach to wellness aimed at transforming your life through conscious living.

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