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"When I first started meditating more than twenty years ago, I felt the effects immediately. I began hearing my inner voice and picking up on my intuition so much more clearly. I was connecting to the frequency of my higher self.


It’s rewarding teaching clients how to meditate. The list of benefits to the mind, body and soul are endless. In a matter of minutes meditation can help you begin to manage the stresses in your life, and bring you a sense of well being.

I’d love to help you to create a regular meditation practice. Even if you only start with 10 minutes a day, you will pretty much immediately experience results. A feeling of calm and peace will wash over you, You will find yourself letting go of stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression. You will feel more positive, energised and healthier. You will begin to enjoy the presence of your life in a deeper more attentive way.


As I teach you to expand your meditation practice, you will experience yourself living in a magical zone, where thoughts have no home and time endlessly passes without a care in the world. This state of mental and spiritual freedom is where true healing takes places." - Paramjit


Sustained meditation has even been scientifically proven to lead to what’s called “neuroplasticity” - which is defined as the brain’s ability to change, structurally and functionally. With meditation, your brain ages at a slower rate. Your gray matter increases and your cortical walls become thicker – all of which enhances memory, attention and decision making. Plus daily meditation has been shown to regulate blood pressure, heal disease and lessen pain within both the physical body and whole etheric body.


Basically, when you change your brain, you change your life!
Paramjit uses a combination of meditation methods which will allow you to experience the state of Shoonya i.e emptiness, the vast space, the void within, where there is nothing and everything.
Free Beginners Guided MeditationParamjit Pam Anand
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