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What are the Granthis in Kundalini Yoga?

From the root chakra to the crown there are 3 glands known as ‘Granthi’ (bridge) in the subtle body. The Kundalini energy which lays dormant at the base of the spine in the root chakra awakens and spirals on an upward journey through the sushumna Nadi (the spinal cord) towards to crown chakra where cosmic consciousness is achieved.

Brahama Granthi is between the root and the sacral if this is pierced during beeja mantra chanting. emotions of anger or anxiety may be released.

Vishuddhi Granthi is between the solar plexus and the heart chakra. If this is pierced, you will trigger the feeling of knowing who you really are.

Rudra Granthi is between the throat and the third eye chakra. It’s when you hit this zone, that you achieve god realization, bliss, ecstasy and deep wisdom.

These beeja mantras are advanced practices which awaken the kundalini energy which purifies the chakras. I have been blessed to teach these to students.

A quick reminder: Only with the SadGurus diksha will the Kundalini herself rise and pierce through a Granthi.

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