The 3 Gunas of Food to Balance & Nourish the Energy of the Mind & Body

Understanding the Gunas can completely change your life. They determine how we perceive the world around us and promote awareness about our current state of being.

Pic: Sattvic food

So what exactly are Gunas? According to Hindu philosophy, there are three basic attributes that exist in all things in the universe in varying degrees - in humans, animals, natural and animate objects. These qualities are referred to as Gunas. They are Sattva (purity and harmony), Rajas (activity and passion) and Tamas (darkness and chaos). The Gunas are constantly interacting with each other though one Guna is always predominant than the others. The dominant Guna determines our behaviour, attitudes, perceptions, perspectives and actions. For example, a person who is predominantly sattvic will be positive and joyful, a person who is rajasic will be competitive and driven by passion, while a person who is tamasic will have a negative attitude and will be lazy. However, these are not permanent states of being as the Gunas easily fluctuate from one to the other. The aim is to attain enlightenment by increasing sattva and decreasing rajas and tamas.