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Simple Ways to Clear Negative Energy

Have you ever walked into a room or gathering, full of excitement and anticipation only to have your happy and positive mood be instantly ruined by something or someone’s negative energy?

Anyone and everyone we come into contact with carry certain energy that has great power to influence our mood and well-being. As much as we try it is impossible to be positive and upbeat 24X7 and getting lost in a negative space of mind is often inevitable. Whether you sense these bad vibes appearing from within or from someone in your space, these following practices will surely remove all the negativity, and create a lot more positive energy in you.

How to clear your energy?

Before you begin clearing a space of its negative energy, you have to begin by cleansing the energy within. Just as you regularly take a shower to clean your body, it’s important to wipe off the unwanted energy that’s taking shelter in your field. That being said, not all negativity will come from external sources -, most of it may come from your own life's worries. This may be due to your own financial stress, illness, relationship or family issues or pent up resentment, anger or hurt; the list goes on. Places and spaces also have the power to hold negative vibes and hence, energy cleansing is necessary and can be done in two easy steps:

  1. Cleansing yourself

  2. Cleansing your space

Cleansing yourself

Visualisation is the easiest way to release negative energy and can be done anywhere and anytime, even while sitting in a busy lounge. This process is easy and you don’t need any experience or knowledge to try it. The more you practice, the easier and quicker it will be to create a positive energy shift within.

Here’s how you do it:

Begin by setting an intention for releasing your negative energy, whether it's something picked up from someone or your own internalised negativity. Repeatedly say and believe that you're releasing all unwanted vibes that do not serve you.

Imagine your solar plexus chakra expanding, i.e. a small and bright golden light ball at the centre of your abdomen, growing on each exhalation.

As you continue the process of positive affirmations (step 1), spread the light throughout your entire body and watch the energy spread to your head, torso, arms, and toes. By practising this regularly, you'll find yourself calmer, peaceful, and gleaming with positive radiance.

Cleansing your space

Known as smudging, the clearing of negative energy of a space with sage is a method performed for thousands of years. To do this, ignite a bundle of dry sage for a few seconds and then blow it out. Guide the smoke across your body from head to toe and then across space you wish to cleanse.

An alternate method is to spray the area with distilled water and sea salt. However, make note that in this process your space may get damp. You can also add a few drops of cleansing essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, or sage to get that rejuvenating smell in the air.

From burning sage to simple chakra healing meditations, these practices will eradicate all lingering negativity and attract positive energy. While the above are a few methods to bid goodbye to a dull mood, daily yoga practice is proven to help people live a more positive and happy life.


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