Mudras to Channel Energy Flow

Yoga practices are often, if not always, accompanied by specific hand gestures or formations known as Mudras.

As each part of the hand is connected to a certain part of the body or brain, Mudras are used to direct the flow of energy within our bodies. Usually done in conjunction with meditation and pranayama Mudras are powerful tools to heal the body and mind. Different Mudras symbolise different states of mind so for all states of mind there is a corresponding Mudra.

The word Mudra in Sanskrit means ‘seal’. Each Mudra had a specific function and benefits, so understanding them is important. When using a Mudra make sure you exert enough pressure to feel the flow of energy but not enough to white your fingertips.

There are a number of mudras. Here is an overview of some of the common ones.


Gyan Mudra, also known as Chin Mudra or Vaayu Vardhak in Ayurveda, is a powerful Mudra practiced for thousands of years by Yogis to bring peace, calm and spiritual progress.

Practicing this Mudra helps you eliminate negative forces and focus on attaining true knowledge. This Mudra gives rise to the root chakra reducing tension and depression. Every Mudra is related to a planet, Gyan Mudra is related to the planet Jupiter.

It stimulates the air elements of your body purifying the brain and pituitary glands, it empowers the mind and cures many nervous system problems.


Linga is the Sanskrit name for phallus. This Mudra reinforces the fire element in the thumb by increasing body heat.

It helps with colds, asthma, cough, sinus, dried phlegm and sexual disorders in men.

This Mudra should be performed when and if you are suffering from a cold or chills and should be discontinued once you feel better.

Avoid this Mudra if you have a fever.


Are you feeling restless or nervous? Try the Vayu Mudra during your meditation or practice to calm a restless mind.

Vayu means air, thus helping to balance the air within the body. It is said that the fire element resides in the thumb and the air element in the index finger. In this way, the air element is suppressed by the fire of the thumb.

Vayu Mudra heals and treats you against air imbalance diseases such as abdominal discomfort, flatulence and gas, tightens and strengthens your chest, and builds immunity.