Bandhas & Granthis

Bandhas are an intrinsic part of yoga practice, just like Pranayama and Mudras.

I practiced yoga asanas for over a year before I truly understood how to use all my Bandhas with my breath. Once you learn, it takes your practice to a whole new level and you can experience the Divine Kundalini energy within.

The word bandha in Sanskrit means to ‘hold’, ‘tighten’, or ‘lock’. Bandhas are physical tightening or locking actions of the body that aim to lock the prana, or life force, in particular areas and redirect their flow, for the purpose of spiritual awakening. All dedicated yogis should incorporate bandhas into their yoga and pranayama practices to enhance the effects - physical, spiritual, and mental - of the practice. They help you move in and out of asanas more freely, hold poses for longer, and manage new positions. They also help regulate your internal systems, such as the sexual, hormonal, digestive, etc. However, it is said Bandhas should be mastered before incorporating into your practice. [Note: do not practice bandhas while pregnant]. Bandhas