12 Yoga Asanas That Every Yogi Should Know

What are the "Twelve Basic Asanas" and why are they so fundamental for a yogi to practice?


“The Twelve Basic Asanas” is a sequence of 12 postures that Swami Sivananda carefully selected as an optimal yoga practice. Pam trained with Sivananda School in 2003 and, although she has learned many other styles of practice along the way, she always comes back to the basic 12. They create a comprehensive full-body workout that twists the spine and stimulates all organs, leaving you feeling energised, vitalised, and relaxed.

“We are as young as our spine is flexible.” - Swami Sivananda

This practice does wonders for your immunity and health. Do this every day and you will be glowing. It is also very meditative, allowing us to go inward, taking long deep breaths, leading to deep states of meditation.

Note that the order is important, there’s good reasons for that order. Also, it is necessary to rest for 5 breaths in Savasana between each posture. The resting period is just as important as the postures themselves - it allows you to absorb the benefits!