​The sound that you create by chanting mantras, vibrates with your entire being. When your body vibrates it creates your unique sound. Your voice is the sound of your soul which heals you and opens your lungs and heart.  Your voice can elevate you and as you chant you feel better fast. 
Paramjit is specialised in the Kundalini Beeja Mantras. A unique set of four-syllable mantras, that makes for an extremely powerful and transformative practice. The sound vibrations cleanse and purify your chakras; leaving you as a radiant, loving and peaceful person. Paramjit’s guruji Deva Baba exclusively passed the mantras on to her after having studied them himself in the Himalayas. As Paramjit is very passionate about the mantras, she considers it her calling in life to share them with others and have them benefit from the practice as well. 
"The sound of your voice as you chant is your soul singing, it's your soul's unique identity."

Kundalini Beeja Mantras

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