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Paramjit is specialised in the Kundalini Chakra Beeja Mantras. A unique set of four-syllable mantras, that makes for an extremely powerful and transformative practice. The sound vibrations cleanse and purify your chakras; leaving you as a radiant, loving and peaceful person. Paramjit’s guruji Deva Baba exclusively passed the mantras on to her after having studied them himself in the Himalayas. As Paramjit is very passionate about the mantras, she considers it her calling in life to share them with others and have them benefit from the practice as well. Click here to know more about her journey.

Sound is vibration. When you chant, you can fully feel your body vibrate which harmonizes your full seven chakras. You will feel energized, balanced and a stronger sense of health.


As you chant a mantra, it brings transformation in you while leading you to more power, strength and spiritual growth.

Mantra is a combination of two Sanskrit words; MAN – which means mind and TRA – which means instrument or vehicle. Basically, a mantra is a vehicle of the mind.

Beej means seed.


These “seed sounds” are core sounds – and there’s one for for each of the 7 chakras. When you chant a particular beej mantra, you release energy within that specific chakra - facilitating movement and vitality in your being.The single beej mantra for each chakra is:


LAM - Root

VAM - Sacral

RAM - Solar plexus

YUM - Heart

HUM - Throat

OM - Third eye

OM - Crown

Kundalini Beeja Mantra

Kundalini Beeja Mantra

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There are more than ten million mantras in existence. Some are as short as one syllable. Others are several syllables long. The vibration "om" is one of the most well known universal mantras. According to the ancient Vedic tradition, the vibration "om" contains every vibration that has ever existed - and every vibration that ever will! Because it’s so all encompassing, it also represents how we’re all connected - our universality - our oneness. For these reasons, it’s common for “om” to be chanted at the end of a meditation or yoga practice. It is recommended to use a mantra to stay balanced in the same way you might use your breath. In a mantra meditation, you drift back to your mantra whenever you notice that your attention has drifted to - thought, sound, or physical sensation. You gently drift back to your mantra - and continue repeating it.

Kundalini Chakra Beej Mantras

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