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Your body is the temple of your Soul.

Are you keeping your temple, clean, peaceful and bright? 

The Full Seven Membership is a platform to transform your flexibility and strength, not only on your mat but in your everyday life. Paramjit's style of teaching is just that, she teaches you, her encouraging voice guides you through each pose reminding you to activate your Ujjayi (ocean) breath. Her clear and thorough explanation and demonstration make all of the practices a joy to participate in. The practices take you on an inward journey to experience ‘Yoga’ union of body, mind and breath. If you're looking for a deep meaningful yoga practice, join our membership now. 

There are a variety of yoga classes for all levels, and practices where you can learn lots of different Pranayams - breathing techniques. We also have a growing library of relaxing healing Meditations and Mantra chanting practices.

Connect and become best friends with your body, mind and soul. It's time to clean up and keep your temple sparkling from the inside as well as out. Taking time for your self-practice, will improve and develop your flexibility, strength, confidence, willpower, self-worth and self-love. 


We start with our bodies and break down its density so Prana, the life force can flow within to remove energy blockages, clear the mind and guide you towards your centre - the blissful sparkly amazing Soul you are.  

Yoga is not just an exercise, it’s the oldest science of life and personal development that can teach you to bring stress under control and peace of mind. Yoga has changed Paramjit's life in so many positive ways and it is her purpose and passion in life to teach and guide you to experience joy, happiness, good health and well-being in every area of your life.  

When we are happy we can spread the light to help others sparkle too. 


Paramjit has been teaching Yoga for over 17 years along with many other holistic practices and energy healing. She relocated to India 12 years ago to go deeper on my spiritual path.

Paramjit was blessed to meet a true Guru to guide her on my path, a teacher to show her the path towards her own light within and to teach her that the true Guru - the teacher, is within. 

Her journey has been full of self-healing and personal growth. She has learned and experienced so many techniques that have taught her how to treat those around her and to be authentic and loving in all she do.


This is the platform to nourish your heart, soul, mind and body and become the change you wish to be. 


The monthly subscription is only £7 as Paramjit wishes to reach out to as many people as possible through these challenging times.


Everyone needs a strong immune system and peace of mind during this pandemic to beat the virus.

Who would benefit from this subscription?

To be honest, we believe everyone should do Yoga. Practicing asanas, pranayama and meditation daily is the answer to optimum health, well-being and peace of mind.

Do you experience emotions like anxiety, worry, fear, self doubt or anger?

Do you lack confidence, motivation, clarity or self love?

Do you judge your self or are unhappy with your weight, shape or look?

If you answered yes to any of these points then this membership is for you.


We do not promise changes overnight but we do promise changes if you stick to it. Practice daily, create new rituals, take time to go inwards and connect to your soul, mind, and body.  Let Paramjit be your guide, your supporter and your friend on this journey of ascension.

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All this for only £7 with 30% profits donated to Saving Indian breed of cows. 



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The Full Seven is a path to a balanced life aimed at transforming your life through conscious living.

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