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The 4 Ancient Himalayan Kriyas

Kriya One

Working on the root and sacral Chakra.

Using the beeja mantra Lam & Vam

Kriya Two

Working on the solar plexus and heart chakra.

Using the beeja mantra Ram & Yum


Kriya Three

Working on the throat and third eye chakra.

Using the beeja mantra Hum and OM


Kriya Four

Working on the 3rd eye and crown chakra.

using the mantra A-U-M

Please note : As these are advance practices for your spiritual journey Paramjit's Guruji has guided her to advise students to practice Kriya one for at least three months before learning and practicing Kriya two - alternatively for six months. Then moving on to the more advanced Kriyas three & four.


Paramjit is passionate to spread the teachings of this Kriya around the world so everyone can experience the healing benefits. She is truly honored to facilitate and witness the life changing experiences her students have enjoyed thanks to these 4 kriyas she teaches. If you are a studio owner or a yoga/meditation teacher and have a group of students that would like to experience this Kriya, please connect with Paramjit to arrange a workshop in your city.

Ancient Himalayan Kriyas

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